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Locomotor apparatus | Anatomy and Radiology

This DVD-ROM concerns the locomotor apparatus (bones, joints and muscles), from the anatomical and radiological perspectives.
The work, which refers to official terminology of the IFAA, is made up of over 1800 illustrated anatomical terms, more than 900 radiological images (RX/MR/CT), around 150 animations with commentary, a large number of QuickTime VR and 200 exercises.

Anatomy of the locomotor apparatus

This Work deals with anatomy of the locomotive system, that is the bones, the joints and the muscles. Subdivided into 3 CD-ROM:
1. Upper extremity
2. Lower extremity
3. Trunk and Head
The work is closely adheres to the current international anatomical terminology. It contains 150 animations with commentary, several QuickTime VR views and in addition over 200 exercises.
The scientific accuracy and user friendliness of the programm has been honoured with the Prix Möbius international and with the Prize Worlddidac Award.